House of Public Safety

Together we can create a safer future for the citizens of Western Norway

The Municipality of Bergen took the initiative to establish the House of Public Safety to strengthen municipal emergency preparedness, and to respond to larger and more complex challenges in the region. The House of Public Safety was established to help create a safer society by strengthening preventive work and the region’s actual preparedness capabilities.

The House of Public Safety shall facilitate efficient use of resources, improved cooperation, competence enhancement and research within civil protection and emergency planning in the region.

About Us

The House of Public Safety is an agency in the Municipality of Bergen and a regional centre comprised of the following units: a regional interservice coordination centre, a regional training centre, a regional research centre and a centre of service and security.... Les mer

Regional Centre of Research and Training

The regional training centre shall assist with training and resource mapping, and to increase the competence of actors’ personnel with responsibilities and duties in civil protection and emergency preparedness. ... Les mer

Regional Interservice Coordination Centre

The task of the regional Interservice Coordination Centre is to gather and share information, and to assure good communication and coordination between the actors. ... Les mer

Our Services

Through the House of Public Safety, the Municipality of Bergen will invite other municipalities in Vestland County to tighter cooperation on tasks related to civil protection and emergency preparedness.... Les mer