Cooperation with the Hosting Municipality

Foto: Katarina Lunde

Through the House of Public Safety, the Municipality of Bergen will invite other municipalities in Vestland County to tighter cooperation on tasks related to civil protection and emergency preparedness.

The cooperating municipalities will be offered operative support with, for example, around-the-clock superior municipal alert and duty services, immediate response to an emergency situation, staff support for the crisis management team, and coordination and interaction between various actors.

Assisting the cooperating municipalities

The cooperating municipalities will also have access to tools for their work on crisis and emergency preparedness.

In addition, the House of Public Safety will assist the cooperating municipalities in their work on risk and vulnerability analyses, drafting of emergency preparedness analyses and planning, and the implementation and evaluation of drills.

Course portfolio

SSH will also offer the cooperating municipalities competence enhancement through its course portfolio which, among others, consists of the following courses:

  • Risk and vulnerability analyses
  • Security risk analyses
  • Emergency preparedness analyses and planning
  • Crisis and emergency preparedness management
  • Planning and implementation of drills
  • Crisis communication and media management
  • Relevant tools and systems

The cooperating municipalities will be given the opportunity to take part in training days, seminars and other competence enhancement activities the House of Public Safety arranges.